NEW CITIZENS: Election Year

Immigrants from 57 different countries were sworn in on Oct. 10, 2008, also the last day to be able to register to vote for the 20088 presidential elections. Judge George B. Daniels led the ceremony to 239 new citizens. Photo: Sandra C. Roa

As the presidential elections move closer to the voting day, the nation is flourishing with new voters, many of them are new citizens. In downtown New York City on Friday October 10, 2008, 239 immigrants each received a crisp thick piece of paper titled “Certificate of Naturalization”. These new citizens who came from 57 different countries were kindly congratulated by Judge George B. Daniels who also led the ceremony.

Just outside the court room a voting advocate group named the Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund hosted a voter registration table. According to their counts they collected 141 completed forms from the new citizens on the last day to register to vote in the state of New York.

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New Citizens Beat Voter Deadline from NYCity News Service on Vimeo.

SACRED OATH: Many of the newly minted U.S. citizens sworn in on Oct. 10 promptly registered to vote. Oct. 10 also was the state deadline to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election. REPORTED BY RIA JULIEN (PRODUCED BY SANDRA ROA)

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